Friday, September 01, 2006

Fun sketch

This character is a perfect example of how much fun I can have when I just shut my brain off and don't think about what I am trying to draw. I did not give myself an assignment; I just drew what came out of me. At this particular time, it was some crazy alligator. I wish I could shut my brain off all the time. That is when I can truly draw the loosest and the best. Not to say, this is great, but at least I had fun doing it and didn't stress about what it "should" look like.
Thanks for checking it out!!!!


Erin Hicks said...

This is my favorite Joe! Man. . .why do we have brains if they are such a nuissance?! ;p Yeah. . .drawing is fun when one can shut off one's head. Problem is, I don't know where the switch is installed on mine. Way to go, though, Joe!

Jason Glassbrook, CFT said...